40th Anniversary of the Carnation Revolution 1974-2014: Film Screening


Preceded by an Introduction in English and a short film:

18:30 TSU building 1 room 101
English subtitles. Free entrance.

On the 25th April 1974 a military coup overthrew the oldest Western dictatorship without spilling a drop of blood. The country’s rocky path to democracy and the end of the last European Colonial Empire put Portugal in the International spotlight.
Some of the most renown photographers and documentary makers in the world flocked to Lisbon to record the events: Glauber Rocha, Robert Kramer, Thomas Harlan, Pea Holmquist, Santiago Alvarez, Sebastião Salgado, Guy Le Querrec, Dominique Issermann, Jean Gaumy, etc.
They were coming from May 68, Vietnam, Chile, and dreaming of a different world.
What did they find in Portugal? What was their take on the events?
The research for this documentary brought to light around 40 foreign films about the Carnation Revolution.

Release date: 1999/2000
Runtime: 55′
Script and directing: Sérgio Tréfaut
Photography: João Ribeiro, Rui Poças, Jon Jost
Sound: António Pedro Figueiredo, Joaquim Pinto
Editing: José Nacimento, Pedro Duarte
Production: SP Filmes
Coproduction: RTP

Best Portuguese Documentary (1999) – Festival da Malaposta
Golden Gate Award (2000) – San Francisco Film Festival



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