Portuguese Analog Photography Exhibition & Reception at the TSU CAMÕES Language Center

The TSU CAMÕES – Portuguese Language Center organized a Reception at the Center on the 3rd June 2014, at 16:00, for a brief presentation on the work that has been developed this past year at TSU and discussion of future projects.

Besides commemorating Portugal’s National Day (10th June); a year of successful cooperation between the TSU and the Camões Institute; as well as the official opening of credited Portuguese Language Courses starting in September 2014, the event celebrates the visit to Georgia of the Portuguese Ambassador in Ankara, Dr. Jorge Cabral, and the Official Opening of the Honorary Consulate of Portugal in Georgia, with the presence of the Consul, Dr. Kakha Sharabidze.

The reception also marked the opening of a Portuguese ANALOGUE PHOTO EXHIBITION at the Center, where two artists, Ana Faro and Nuno Quelhas, show us a new perspective on Portuguese urban landscape through their lenses. The artists have kindly agreed to let the photos stay at the Center indefinitely.


Ana Faro is a Portuguese-national London-based Biologist, who also happens to be a photographer. Having always been passionate about photography, her recent work has been focused on experimental analogue photography. Using toy and vintage cameras combined with rare, expired or purposely damaged film types and techniques such as multiple exposures and cross-process, her aim is to achieve unpredictable and irreproducible results each time – thus defying the culture of digital perfection that rules today’s photography. By capturing street scenes and the mundane through less than perfect photography techniques, she tries to reinvent our surroundings and invite the viewer to step into a new world. She has worked in collaboration with the Lomographic Society since 2012 and her work has been featured in Lomography Gallery Stores in Lisbon, Porto, Milan and London. Her portfolio can be seen here: http://anafaro.wix.com/anafarophotography

Nuno Quelhas is a Portuguese amateur photographer 100% dedicated to exploring analogue techniques. His first contact with analogue photography happened in 2007, experimenting with a Lomo ActionSampler, and later with the classic Diana F+, that led him to develop his work within the sui generis philosophy of Lomography: http://www.lomography.com/
He started by taking part in some of the workshops at the Lomography Embassy in Porto, but very soon became part of the community and was invited to give workshops as well. Along the way he won some competitions at Lomography Portugal and International, always privileging a fun experimental amateur approach to photography.
Most recently, his work was shown at Inculta – Cultural Association, in April 2014: http://inculta.pt/fotografia/4443510/expoe-te-na-inculta-nuno-quelhas

Here the link for the article at the Camões Institute website (in Portuguese): http://www.instituto-camoes.pt/lingua-e-cultura/georgia-fotografos-portugueses-expoem-em-tbilisi