Portugal 2014: a social portrait [Conference]

On the 5th November at the Portuguese Language Center at TSU, António Eduardo Mendonça, Senior researcher at the Center for Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies at Universidade Lusófona (Lisbon), will be presenting a conference on contemporary Portuguese society from an intercultural perspective.

This event is the first of a series of Conferences/Workshops in English titled Portuguese and Brazilian Culture for Beginners, to take place during the present academic year, for anyone who wishes to know a bit more about Portugal and Brazil’s traditions, music, literature, cinema, society, cultural heritage, etc.

Roughly every month, one conference or workshop will take place at the Portuguese Language Center at TSU – building 2 room 203.

To keep updated on the various conferences/workshops to come, check the Portuguese at TSU facebook page regularly (facebook.com/portugueseattsu)

Places are limited to the space available at the Language Center so, if you want to secure yours, send an e-mail to vera.peixoto@tsu.ge



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