The job announcement is on the TSU website, in Georgian (see below).

Application deadline is next Friday (but we are trying to extend it).

Here’s some more info:

TSU Camões – Portuguese Language Center has an opening for the coordinator position
Salary: To be determined by experience
Place: Tbilisi, Georgia
Job start date: December 1, 2014
Contract duration: 13 months, with the prospect of prolonging (probationary period: 3 months)

Job description: the TSU Camões – Portuguese Language Center provides Portuguese language courses, organizes events and activities for the promotion of Portuguese culture and language, and offers a specialized library for students. The candidate will be responsible for the management of administrative and logistic procedures needed to create and support this academic and cultural structure.

Responsibilities: ensure the daily functioning of the Center and its library; support the creation and upkeep of the language courses, workshops and other academic projects; pro-actively assist on the research for and organization of cultural events, grant applications and student exchange programs; manage administrative/logistic procedures and resources.

Competencies and qualifications: managerial and administrative skills; data processing and databases skills; research competencies; cultural management knowledge; fluency in English (preferably with an international certificate) and (ideally but not necessarily) also in Portuguese; independent and team work skills; pro-active and engaged attitude towards projects.

Education and experience: Ideally a postgraduate degree (preference will be given to the social sciences/humanities) and three years of working experience in the higher education system.

Job application: http://tsu.edu.ge/ge/juridical/orders/kvyhWDyIOfmNIR0re/?p=1


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