Dear all,

On the 26th March (Thursday), at 18:30, at the Portuguese Language Center (TSU, Building II, room 203) there will be another conference, to which I would like to invite you:

Portugal’s relative demarcation from Europe and its proximity to other continents – with connections forged throughout half a millennium – constitute a fundamental cornerstone of this country’s narratives and collective imaginary.

Under this premise, Sergio Rolando (teacher of Cinema and Photography at ESMAE – Superior School of Music and Performing Arts, Porto) will guide you in a journey through Portuguese photography, in its myriad expressions and reflections of Portuguese identity.



This event is part of a series of Conferences/Workshops in English titled “Portuguese and Brazilian Culture for Beginners”, taking place throughout the present academic year at the Portuguese Language Center at TSU [building 2 room 203] and is open to anyone who wishes to know a bit more about Portugal and Brazil’s traditions, music, literature, society, cultural heritage, etc..

To keep updated on the various conferences/workshops to come, check the Portuguese at TSU facebook page regularly (facebook.com/portugueseattsu)

Entrance is free but places are limited to the space available at the Language Center so, if you want to secure your place, send an e-mail to me (vera.peixoto@tsu).