Portuguese Language Week & Europe Day

Dear all,

The week of 4-10th May was very eventful for Portuguese language and culture in Tbilisi. We celebrated the Day of the Portuguese language and Europe Day.
The activities spread through the week and through the city, from Tbilisi State University, to Tbilisi State Conservatoire, to ზოესთან – Zoestan, finishing in Alexander/9 April park (Europe Day Celebration).
There were concerts & mastrerclasses, exploring the connections between Portuguese and Georgian music, bringing together Portuguese, Belgien, Dutch, German and Georgian musicians & singers.
We had conferences on Portuguese literature (by João Ventura) and music (by Daniela Tomaz), poetry reading, Portuguese food and drinks.
I share with you here some photos to remember it by.

Thank you to all who participated and made this possible!
A special thanks to Daniela Tomaz and Marietta Chikhladze for their commitment, enthusiasm and organizational skills! We owe the success of these events to them.
To Nin Osepashvili, Natia Bregvadze, Mariam Qobalia, Nino Lortkipanidze and Guranda Pachulia for the wonderful translations of Portuguese poems into Georgian!
To Band Chveneburebi for their deeply felt interpretation of “Grândula Vila Morena” and João Ventura for the remarkable rendition of Fernando Pessoa’s poem “Tobacco shop”.
To the musicians Daniela Tomaz, Didier François, Magda Mendes, Udo Demandt & Ward Veenstra, as well as the Conservatory students for the delightful soundtrack.
To Zoé Perret and Irakli Areshidze from Zoestan for the food, to Daniela and João for the Port wine, Aguardente de Medronho & the fig and almond delicatessen that warmed our stomachs and our hearts.
Finally, thank you to those who came and shared these moments with us!

Vera Peixoto


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