EAST IBERIA – Photography exhibition by the Portuguese artist Sergio Rolando

17-27 September 2015

Europe House – 1, Freedom Square
Opening: 17 September at 19.00


East Iberia, indefinable border of a long-gone kingdom and of Europe, a continent that gradually dissipates as it enters the Caucasus.
From another European periphery, West Iberia, comes a contemporary visual essay that reflects on the notions of frontier and becoming, documenting Tbilisi and its surroundings. A representation made of universal elements, it offers an on-look into a place as it reinvents itself, forging its new identity. Observing spaces in a specific moment in time, it seeks to translate a dialog with past and future.

Sergio Rolando, 1978. Sergio lives in Porto, Portugal, where he works as a photographer. He holds a Master Degree in Documental Photography and Cinema. He exhibits on a regular basis and has a great deal of published work.

Information in Portuguese here.

This exhibition is financed by:



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