“The past: a fictional construction?” Conference by Professor Maria de Fátima Marinho (University of Porto)

On the 25th September 2015, at 15:00, the TSU Camões – Portuguese Language Center received Professor Marinho for a very interesting conference titled “The past: a fictional construction?”:

An analysis of the past three decades of fiction has identified recurrent obsessive themes, both varied and unique, which are difficult to ignore. The search for a sense of identity has been frequently put at risk by socio-political factors, such as the loss of African colonies or Portugal’s entry into the European community. Against this backdrop, novelists have created a universe which not only returns continually to the past, as Emmanuel Bouju argues, but also regularly questions the modern day identity crisis.

MARIA DE FÁTIMA MARINHO was born in Porto on 5th February, 1954. She graduated in Romance languages from The Arts and Humanities Faculty of Porto University, where she has taught 19th and 20th century Portuguese literature since 1976. In 1987, she obtained her PhD with a thesis on Surrealism in Portugal. She is Full Professor and has been the dean of the Faculty of Arts (2010-2014). Now she is Vice-President of the University of Porto since June 2014. Her field of studies is Portuguese poetry and the historical novel of 19th and 20th centuries.
The following are some of her research works: Herberto Helder, a Obra e o Homem (1982); O Surrealismo em Portugal (1987); A Poesia Portuguesa nos meados do Século XX – Rupturas e Continuidade (1989); O Romance Histórico em Portugal (1999); Um Poço sem Fundo – Novas Reflexões sobre Literatura e História (2005); O Sonho de Aljubarrota (2007) History and Myth – The Presence of National Myths in Portuguese Literature (2008); A Lição de Blimunda – A propósito de Memorial do Convento (2009).

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