EU Film Festival 2016 is about to start, with two Portuguese films!

EU Film Festival 2016 starts! The EU Festival will take place in five Georgian cities (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Bolnisi and Mestia) from March 9 to March 18.
For further information please visit the official website.


Aniki-Bóbó (1942, Manoel de Oliveira)

14.03.2016 | 15:00 | Rustavi Theater, Rustavi

Pare, Escute, Olhe/Stop, Listen, Look (2009, Jorge Pelicano)

13.03.2016 | 19:00 | Cinema Amirani, Tbilisi

18.03.2016 | 19:00 | Svaneti Museum, Mestia

Free entrance. If you would like to RESERVE TICKETS, write an e-mail to until the 11th March, please.



On the 13th, in Amirani Cinema (Tbilisi) it was like this – full house!


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