Vamos aprender português a cantar! Let’s learn Portuguese singing!

Em português dizemos: “Quem canta seus males espanta” (they who sing chase away their sorrows)
Rafael Jena had a brilliant idea we should not let go to waste: let’s all get together and sing in Portuguese!
Rafael brings his guitar, enthusiasm and ideas. We choose the songs together, work on them (words & meanings) and then sing our sorrows – with our doubts about singing well – away! It’s fun and we learn while doing it!


We already had one meeting, last Saturday at the Portuguese Language Center (TSU, building II, room 203), with over 10 people singing along to “Velha Infancia” dos Tribalistas. This evening at 20:00 (same place), we will learn and sing “Garota de Ipanema” by Tom Jobim!

In the photo is Rafael Jena, with Smai Fullerton and Sofia Zubadalashvili.

Check out the videos here.


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