YVONE KANE by Margarida Cardoso at the TIFF

Margarida Cardoso’s YVONE KANE will be screened at the TBILISI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL on December 4th, 19:00, at Rustaveli 5.

This screening has the support of the Portuguese Language Center at TSU (Camões Institute)


YVONE KANE (2014 | 117 min | color)

After her daughter’s death, Rita returns to her childhood’s African country to investigate the death of Yvone Kane, a former political activist and guerrilla fighter. There, she becomes embroiled in a journey into the atmospheric longing of a lost paradise. Rita discovers a country where progress is build above the ruins of a violent past, while she meets her mother (Sara), still living in the old familiar house.
In a singular parallel/opposite research both women are looking for explanations. As putting together the pieces of a broken jar, Sara lives her last days looking for the meaning of her recent actions, while Rita goes on the edge of shifting realities, half truths from the scars of history and war. Every single step is a trap that perhaps they would prefer not to know. Both lonely women are two faces of the same stray Human being, facing the lost tails of the revolution, surviving the ghost of colonialism, reaching uselessly the shadow of a past that never leaves, the ashes of a future that never comes.

Director: Margarida Cardoso
Screenplay: Margarida Cardoso
Cinematography: Joao Ribeiro
Editing: João Braz
Costumes: Nádia Santos Henriques
Cast: Beatriz Batarda, Irene Ravache, Samuel Malumbe, Gonçalo Waddington

Production: Filmes do Tejo, MPC Filmes
World sales: Midas Filmes


MARGARIDA CARDOSO was born in 1963, in Portugal. She is known for her work on “The Murmuring Coast” (2004) which premiered at Venice Film Festival and won Jury Special Mention Award at Mannheim Heidelberg Film Festival. Yvone Kane is her third full-length film.

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UPDATE: because the director Margarida Cardoso could not be present to introduce the screening, the director of the TSU Camões, Vera Peixoto, did the introduction. Thank you to all who came and watched this wonderful film!